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20 May 2019

Regulation and Legislation

John Wilcox
We have intentionally listed regulation as the last topic in our series of Issues for Companies in 2019.  This decision is based on our conviction that the actions of companies and ...

13 May 2019

You’ve Got Mail: The Evolution of Communicating with Retail Shareholders

Michael Verrechia
“You’ve got mail” was the most effective call to action of the digital age. Not long ago internet “surfers” who heard those three simple words rushed to their mailbox to see ...

06 May 2019

Integrated Reporting in a Nutshell

John Wilcox
Integrated Reporting (represented by the symbol ‹IR›) is a long-term issue for companies rather than an immediate concern for the 2019 proxy season. This is particularly true in the...

29 Apr 2019

Integration of ‘ESG’ factors in investment decision making, the next phase?

David Shammai
The integration of extra financial factors in investment decision-making is no longer viewed within mainstream investment as a ‘soft’ or purely ethical issue. Environmental, social ...

22 Apr 2019

Director Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Prepare for Shareholder Activism

Michael Verrechia, Managing Director – Activism & Contested Situations
There is no debate that over the last decade shareholder activism has grown into its own animal. Rarely does an activism panel conclude these days without one of the panelists ...

15 Apr 2019

Planning Effective Engagement with your Investors

David Shammai & Kiran Vasantham
In addition to traditional Investor Relations roadshows focused on financial performance, companies and boards are now expected to conduct governance and sustainability roadshows that ...

08 Apr 2019

Corporate Reporting

John Wilcox
Corporate reporting in today’s environment is like a puzzle whose pieces are spread across the table waiting to be fitted together to form a clear picture.   While disclosure rules ...

01 Apr 2019

Stewardship Principles

Morrow Sodali
Stewardship of assets by institutional investors is growing in prominence. This approach is supported by a multitude of market and internationally scoped codes or similar initiatives....

25 Mar 2019


Morrow Sodali
Q&A with Susan Choe, Senior Director, and Bill Ultan, Managing Director, of Morrow Sodali’s Corporate Governance Consulting Group   1) Since 2011 and the introduction of Say on...

18 Mar 2019

Board Primacy

John Wilcox
It should come as no surprise that board effectiveness and accountability appear at the top of the list of issues shaping relations between companies and shareholders in 2019. Corporate...