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24 Sep 2018

INVESTOR RELATIONS - A communications Clearinghouse

by John C. Wilcox
Morrow Sodali Chairman John Wilcox recently sat down with Valerie Haertel, former National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI) board chair and award-winning Investor Relations ...

03 Feb 2017

Institutional Investor Survey 2017: for investors, corporate governance is no longer just about the AGM!

Morrow Sodali
Morrow Sodali will host a complimentary webinar on Friday, 10 February 2017, at 14:00 (GMT). We will discuss with Aberdeen Asset Management, APG Asset Management and Morgan Stanley ...

22 Nov 2016

2016 Best Practice Awards

IR Society, United Kingdom
Morrow Sodali is proud to sponsor the 2016 edition of the IR Society Best Practice Awards. Reza Eftekhari, UK Market Director, will present the “Most effective integration of ...

21 Jun 2016

IR Society Annual Conference 2016

Access, Board, Careers: An ABC of IR - London, 21 June 2016 - UK
Sodali will support the 2016 IR Society Annual Conference that will take place today in London.Access: to investors; insight; boards; senior management; and development. Board: ...

12 May 2016

Sodali and Morrow & Co. merge to form Morrow Sodali Global

Sodali Inc. and Morrow & Co. LLC jointly announced today that Sodali has acquired Morrow & Co., creating Morrow Sodali Global, the largest independent corporate governance, proxy ...

19 Apr 2016

Sodali presents alongside BNY Mellon for the Israeli IR forum

Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, Israel
Giulio Pediconi and Ali Saribas from Sodali presented alongside Bank of New York Mellon (BNY Mellon) for the Investor Relations (IR) Forum at the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange on 11 April ...

29 Jan 2016

Institutional Investors Survey 2016

Sodali Report
Sodali Investor Survey – January 2016Promoting a better understanding among investors and issuersCompanies and Boards have made some good progress in improving their governance over ...

10 Nov 2015

The Board-Centric Annual Meeting

Sodali 2016 Client Memorandum
For 30 years shareholders have called the shots at annual meetings. Now it is time for boards to take charge.Sodali’s annual Client Memo for 2016, entitled “The Board-Centric Annual...

02 Feb 2015

Loi Florange, retraites chapeaux... les enjeux clef des AG 2015

Les Echos
Les Echos takes its annual look at what will be the issues for the upcoming Proxy Season in France. The Florange Law by which registered shareholders for 2 years will capitalize ...

10 Oct 2014

Sodali 2015 Client Memorandum

In 2015 shareholders will be pushing for an answer to the most basic governance question: “How effective is the board of directors?” In this year’s Client Memorandum ...