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20 Apr 2015

Trifecta Capital teams up with Sodali

Boardroom journal, South Africa
Alvise Recchi, Sodali’s CEO, interviewed from the Boardroom magazine on the partnership with Trifecta Capital. He stressed out the importance of a continuous and transparent ...

20 Apr 2015

La bataille du droit de vote double

Decideurs - Strategie Finance Droit, France
Louis Barbier, Sodali Country Manager for France, highlights for Decideurs the concerns raised in the context of Vivendi and Renault AGM: the maintain of one-share one-vote ...

01 Apr 2015

Years of change for Russia

Russian Corporate Governance Journal
Igor Belikov, CEO of the Russian Institute of Directors, interviews Andrea Di Segni, Sodali Head of Corporate Advisory, on Russian Corporate Governance Journal. Di Segni examines the...

30 Mar 2015

Popolari: voto plurimo per le Spa, e la Vicenza punta sul 'Borsino'

Corriere Economia
Alvise Recchi, Sodali's CEO, comments on Voto Maggiorato and the Reform for Cooperative Banks in Italy. He states that Voto Maggiorato, although it has to be still well-defined from ...

27 Mar 2015

Per attirare capitali dall'estero i gruppi quotati devono comunicare meglio con gli investitori

MF Milano Finanza
Sodali's Head of Corporate Advisory Andrea Di Segni, interviewed by Milano Finanza on the next trends for the 2015 Proxy Season, pictures an overview of hot topics and trends on the...

26 Mar 2015

Advanced technologies for issuers

IR Magazine, Russia
IR Magazine, Russia, on the conference for the Russian issuers, organized by the Moscow Exchange in Moscow, where Sergei Gneoushev, Sodali Advisor for Russia, spoke in the expert ...

13 Mar 2015

Sodali speaks at Moscow Exchange conference in Moscow

Micex, Moscow
On March 3 Sergei Gneoushev, Sodali Advisor for Russia, spoke in the expert panel on advanced AGM technologies and corporate actions reform by National Settlement Depositary at the ...

28 Feb 2015

Per le Pop la sfida è il voto maggiorato

Milano Finanza
Sodali's Head of Corporate Advisory Andrea Di Segni, interviewed by Milano Finanza on Voto Maggiorato, takes a look to the international application of the tool focusing on France, ...

16 Feb 2015

International Trends in Corporate Governance 2015. The year ahead

Trifecta Capital, South Africa
Sodali together with  Trifecta Capital will manage a premier event that will take place on Feb 24, 25 and 26 in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town: International Trends in Corporate...

02 Feb 2015

Loi Florange, retraites chapeaux... les enjeux clef des AG 2015

Les Echos
Les Echos takes its annual look at what will be the issues for the upcoming Proxy Season in France. The Florange Law by which registered shareholders for 2 years will capitalize ...