Morrow Sodali provides corporate boards and executives with strategic advice and execution to get investors’ support on capital markets transactions.

Our expertise and global perspective help companies anticipate and respond to issues that are of concern to investors in their capacity as fiduciaries and long-term owners. These issues include: cross-border communication and share voting, corporate governance, board quality and effectiveness, social and environmental practices, executive remuneration, risk management, transparency, minority shareholder rights, shareholder activism, takeover bids.

Our services complement and work in tandem with our clients’ financial communications, investor relations and board evaluation programs. We add value by enabling clients to identify and engage with key institutional decision-makers who are responsible for voting shares and monitoring the governance of portfolio companies.

The firm serves more than 700 corporate clients in 40 countries. These include both:

○ The supply of governance advice and intelligence, to help Boards and executive managers understand how their policies and practices compare to local and global standards and how their decisions and business goals are perceived by investors;

○ Shareholder Transaction services in conjunction with ordinary and extraordinary Shareholder Meetings, mergers, demergers, acquisitions, defences, disposals and other corporate actions in which maximization of investor (equity and debt holders) reach, understanding and support is required.

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