Information Agent Services

  • Tender and exchange offers – equity and debt
  • Mergers and reorganizations
  • SPAC - proxy solicitation and stock surveillance
  • Notice of class action mailing

Tender and Exchange Offers – Equity and Debt

Our exceptional technical resources and extensive relationships within the financial community enable us to provide senior management with guidance, insight, and advice in capital market transaction. Our services assure that all shareholders receive the offering documents on a timely basis. We manage the flow of information between the issuer and shareholders, enabling shareholders to make an informed decision, and provide management ongoing updates of the status of the offer. Analysis and interpretation of this information flow allows us to gauge the success of the offer at an early stage, spot trends, and provide accurate estimates of the outcome.

For Debt Exchange Offers, Morrow Sodali has the experience and specialized resources to assist corporations, municipalities and investment bankers with all aspects of the debt restructuring process. Prior to a tender/consent going public, Morrow Sodali can identify debtholders in a discreet manner and provide our clients and their advisors with an accurate depiction of the institutional profile.

Additional Information Services

  • Notice of Class Action Mailing
  • Bankruptcy Services

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