Fixed income Services

Corporate and sovereign bond issuers need to proactively communicate with their fixed income investors for numerous reasons. Understanding who owns the bonds and communicating with bondholders effectively is crucial.


Our dedicated team performs identifications reports that provide bonds issuers with a detailed analysis of the bondholder population; including the name, size of holdings and location of investors, custodian banks and any intermediary in the chain of ownership. Our research goes beyond publicly available data. Identifications can serve several strategic purposes: in anticipation of a debt restructuring, to enable a debt IR strategy, for tax-certification or regulatory purposes or to allow SEC de-registrations.


Morrow Sodali acts as Information, Tender, Exchange and Tabulation Agent to provide bondholder communication coverage to bond issuers, financial advisors and legal counsels during the planning and execution of ordinary and extraordinary transactions:

  • Tender Offers
  • Exchange Offers
  • Consent Solicitations
  • Bondholder Meetings
  • Schemes of Arrangement
  • Administrations
or other debt restructuring related activities.


Morrow Sodali assists companies to optimize their Debt IR programs. We engage with existing and potential fixed income investors for various purposes: enable an ESG dialogue (Environmental, Social, Governance), during fixed income roadshows, in anticipation of new bond issues, to perform perception studies or to allow any Debt IR strategy from the IR, ESG, finance or treasury teams.

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