Activism & Contested Situations

  • Strategic consulting
  • Messaging and drafting of key shareholder communications
  • Proxy advisor relations
  • Institutional and retail shareholder engagement
  • Shareholder analysis and surveillance

Proxy Fights

Morrow Sodali's experience in contested situations is extensive, having successfully represented both management and dissidents in hundreds of contests, with a very high degree of success. This success is the result of three fundamental factors:

  • Our experience with the widest range of proxy situations
  • Our in-depth knowledge of the inner-workings of "the Street" and of the proxy process
  • Our dedicated team structure and the extensive infrastructure for creating and executing strategic plans

For each proxy fight, we draw the people and resources from our strategic consulting, capital markets intelligence team and solicitation to provide the client with a balanced, integrated and experienced team that will maximize the likelihood of the desired outcome.

Contested M & A

Morrow Sodali has decades of experience providing strategic advice and execution in proxy solicitation on complex M&A deals to companies, law firms, and investment banking firms for more than forty years. We offer a team of seasoned, multi-disciplinary professionals, each with over 20 years of M&A and proxy contest experience. This dedicated team interacts daily the key players of a deal - hedge funds, arbs, institutions, and the back offices at brokers and banks. We provide an unparalleled global reach and depth of knowledge of the dynamics of a merger solicitation in a merger context, and highly qualified to advise on strategic considerations related to the deal, such as timing relative to the record date and meeting date, length of the solicitation period, likely outcome, etc.; and in obtaining the vote required to pass the merger proposal at the special meeting.

Our M&A services also provides a level of deal insurance, as our services are geared to position the company with the greatest opportunity to gain and maximize shareholder support for the transaction while eliminating possible errors on often overlooked logistical issues.

For further information, please contact:
USA : Charlie Koons or Michael Verrechia
Europe: Giulio Pediconi
Australia: Maria Leftakis