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01 Jan 2011

Comply and Explain: Should Directors have a Duty to Inform?

Journal of Law and Contemporary Problems
John Wilcox’s article argues that the directors of publicly held companies have the duty to explain to shareholders how the board is exercising business judgment and acting in the ...

01 Dec 2010

Le novità in tema di voto nelle società quotate: l' impatto della Record Date in Italia

Rivista AIAF
Veronica Vari co-authors an article on the impact of the introduction of the record-date system at Italian General Meetings. …

17 Nov 2010

Preparing for the 2011 Proxy Season

The Conference Board
Sodali's yearly Client Memo - the result of our active involvement and engagement with companies, institutional investors, regulators and other relevant market participants - has ...

30 Sep 2010

Client Memorandum 2011

A Governance Shift from Sunlight to Electric Light - Predictions and recommendations for the 2011 annual meeting season and beyond.  …

05 Mar 2010

Fixing the Problems with Client Directed Voting

The Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance and Financial Regulation

01 Mar 2010

Temporada de Assembléias 2010 - Um ano de desafios para a governança no Brasil

Revista RI
John Wilcox and Andrea Di Segni expand on the impact on Brazilian Meetings of the newlly issued CVM Instructions 480 and 481. Practical recommendations to issuers are provided to ...

01 Feb 2010

A temporada das Assembléias Anuais em 2010 - Um ponto de inflexao na evoluçao da governança corporativa

Revista RI
The "Revista RI" hosts the "Sodali 2010 Client Memo". As for every season, Sodali provides its Clients with a framework for managing successfully the relations with their investors ...

01 Feb 2010

Italy's 'Vote by Slate' - an innovative method to elect minority directors

In this article published in the ICGN 2009 Yearbook, John Wilcox, Andrea Di Segni and Matteo Erede explain the main features of the Italian vote by slate ("Voto di lista") rules, ...