31 May 2016

Stock Option plans: Unicredit, Telecom, Prysmian award employees and managers

Unicredit, Telecom, Prysmian. Chi premia di più dipendenti e manager, Formiche, Italy

Intesa, UniCredit, Telecom Italy, Prysmian. These are the Italian companies that more frequently implement share-based incentive plans. What are they, and what effect they have on companies and on the shares? Sodali tried to answer to the question on Formiche with Fabio Bianconi, Sodali Director for Italy.

"It is not easy to demonstrate a positive correlation between the presence of these plans and the performance of the company's stock - concludes Bianconi - there are indeed many exogenous factors involved in defining the parameters. However the most important effects are realized in the long run and they certainly help to mitigate the risk of "risky" behavior by management."


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