25 Feb 2015

Mosaic Dialogue Series - “Are Meaningful Shareholder Proposals a Thing of the Past?'

Proxy Mosaic, New York

On March 5 John Wilcox, Sodali’s Chairman, will moderate an appointment of the Mosaic Dialogue Series, “Are Meaningful Shareholder Proposals a Thing of the Past? Reactions to an SEC Commissioner's Critique of Harvard University and the Whole Foods Proxy Access Situation”.

The dysfunction of the shareholder proposal process has been evidenced by the SEC's recent mixed messages in the Whole Foods no-action letter and its subsequent reversal on proxy access, and by Commissioner Gallagher's stunning accusations against the Harvard Law School Shareholder Rights Project.

The conversation will deal with the uncertainty that is undermining the shareholder proposal process, possible scenarios and desirable solutions. 


Anne Simpson- Senior Portfolio Manager and Director of Global Governance, CalPERS

Darla C. Stuckey- President & CEO, Society of Corporate Secretaries and Governance Professionals


John C. Wilcox- Chairman, SODALI


The event will take place on March 5, 11.00 am ET time, and it’s possible to follow the live webcast by registering here 


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