15 Sep 2017

Michael Chandler comments trends and outcomes of the Australian AGM season on Sky News

Sky News - Australia

"The upcoming shareholders' season is expected to be yet another exciting one and we are observing two general trends: the first one is the role of environmental activist groups as it relates to their presence and participation at the annual general meeting... as they have in previous years, they will be putting up voting resolutions for shareholders around a variety of environmental concerns particularly seeking companies to provide them disclosure around their environmental impact, as well as how they are measuring their perfomances in that regard," commented Michael Chandler, Director Corporate Governance, Morrow Sodali Australia, on Sky News.

"The other trend we are seeing right now is maintaining a focus on directors' accountability. As in previous years, if we went back four or five years, traditionally directors would be reinstated on boards at a fairly high rate - 98 or 99% of shareholders voting in favour of re-elections - now that's materially changed," he continued.

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