13 Mar 2015

Governance Seminar for top Russian issuers and international institutional investors

Sodali and BNY Mellon, Moscow

On March 5 Sodali and BNY Mellon have held the first ever joinly organized Corporate Governance seminar for about 30 top Russian issuers and 7 top international institutional investors with over $1 trillion assets under management. The seminar was held in Moscow, and linked to London by a video conference.

Andrea Di Segni, Sodali’s Head of Corporate Advisory, moderated the Russian issuers panel.

The seminar featured panel discussions and presentations on the latest Corporate Governance developments in Russia, related investors and issuers expectations, practices and problems, and was attended also by senior representatives of the Moscow Stock Exchange MICEX, Central Bank of Russia (the Governance regulator in Russia) and Russian Institute of Directors, who also added their views to the discussion.

All participants agreed on the growing importance of Corporate Governance development and regular engagement with shareholders for both issuers and investors, to build up sustainable shareholder value to everyone's benefit.


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