24 Mar 2017 • Remuneration practices within Southern Europe - Ethicalboardroom, UK • Articles Remuneration practices within Southern Europe

The recent general meeting season has confirmed a substantial alignment of Southern European companies’ remuneration policies to international best practi

20 Mar 2017 • Superstipendi dei manager, gli azionisti vogliono una stretta - Affari & Finanza, Italy • Articles Shareholders ask for a squeeze in executive remuneration

When it comes to executive remuneration, institutional investors lament lack of transparency, short-term incentives, discretional bonuses and no possibilit

13 Mar 2017 • Tesoro, attento alle nomine. I fondi pesano come te - L'Economia, Italy • Articles Boards' renewals: international funds and the Ministry of Finance have now the same weight

"Similarly to other shareholders, the Ministry of Finance is undoubtedly aware that funds' weight requires a greater adherence to&n

13 Mar 2017 • Los fondos presionan para mejorar el buen gobierno - Expansion, Spain • Articles Funds pressure to enhance good governance - Expansion on Morrow Sodali's Institutional Investor Survey

Expansión analizes Morrow Sodali's Institutional Investor Survey results, highlighting shareholder engagement, board dynamics, executive pay and shar

09 Mar 2017 • Poor financial performance key driver for investor support for UK activist campaigns - IR Magazine, UK • Articles Executive pay is expected to dominate the agendas ahead of the Annual meeting season

"In the UK, executive pay is expected to once again dominate the agendas for both investors and companies ahead of the AGM season. Since the introduction o

06 Mar 2017 • Revolts over rewards - The Times, UK • Articles Institutional Investor Survey 2017 and Executive Pay

Global investors are more willing than ever to object to high pay for “celebrity chief executives”. The Times comments on Morrow Sodali Instituti

01 Mar 2017 • Corporate governance is no longer just about the Annual Meeting • Articles MORROW SODALI ANNUAL INSTITUTIONAL INVESTOR SURVEY 2017

Better disclosure of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices, increased access to board members, disclosure of a board skills matrix, a robust boa

01 Mar 2017 • Les gérants d’actifs sont prêts à écouter les activistes - Les Echos, France • Articles Asset managers are ready to listen to activists

Asset managers are no longer biased towards activists. They listen to them particularly in case of poor corporate governance. The day after the publication of M

25 Feb 2017 • Dipendenti? No, soci - Milano Finanza, Italy • Articles European Shareholder Rights Directive calls for enhanced transparency on remuneration policies

Francesco Surace from Morrow Sodali comments on Milano Finanza the amendment of the European Shareholder Rights Directive, pointing out that this

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