Zhengjun Zhang

Advisory Board member

Zhengjun ZHANG is currently the Founder, Managing Partner and CEO of King Parallel Consulting Co., Ltd, and is the expert on Corporate Governance for various International Organizations, including the OECD. 
Zhengjun was regarded as the expert on corporate governance and SOEs with the most internationalized vision in China. In the past 10 years, He involved in lots of milestone international and domestic corporate governance activities, including: Corporate Governance Roundtables, SOE Governance Networks, and Capital Market Development Forums held by the OECD in various regions; ICGN Year Conferences; Euro-money Conference; ACGA Delegation Beijing Meeting; as well as lots policy-making consultations to top government officials in China. 
Zhengjun is a member of Shareholder Responsibility Committee of the International Corporate Governance Network (ICGN), is also a member of the Real Estate Economic and Policy Committee of the China Real Estate Industry Association as well the China Real Estate Research Association. 
Zhengjun was a senior research fellow at the Development Research Centre of the State Council (DRC) in China during 2002-2013, with a position of the State-Owned Enterprise Division Chief. He has been the head of BoD office of China Chengtong Group during 2012-2013. He provided dozens management consultations to large companies in China in past ten years on strategy, organization, group control, risk management, etc. 
Under Zhengjun’s leadership, King Parallel Consulting is making its efforts to be the most innovative management and policy consulting experts in China. By integrating senior think-tank, with internationalized vision as well as deep insights on national conditions, King Parallel will continue to help real decision-makers to solve problems.